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A culture of hard work and great outcomes

Join our team of exceptional consultants in the function spanning across recruitment, talent management, DEI, payroll management, compliance & risk consulting, HR teams, dedicated to support organization’s current and future generations of workforce.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion+ isn't about numbers, it's about PEOPLE!
We INVEST in the power of our people!

You matter. We matter. Everyone matters. DEIB is not just about statistics, but more about how we support and care for our community. DPC believes in our ability to connect across lines of difference and understanding our duty to provide a world-class experience to our staff, clients, and the broader community. We care about Diversity in thoughts/perspectives, equity of opportunity, and the process of sincere inclusion across our teams. Our journey begins in our sincerely held belief that your unique set of needs supersedes anything else.

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How we hire!


We want to hear from you! Once on the desired job post, learn more about it, and if of interest, apply, and we will be in touch.

Talent Screen 

The next step in our hiring process includes a video screen with a member of hiring team. These are normally scheduled for 30-minutes.  

Performance Task

After the video interview, selected candidates will have to complete a performance task and sample client-consultant demo.

Final Interview

You are impressive. This is the final round of interviews. This interview is scheduled for 1 hour and will include a small panel of our team.

Reference Check

Congratulations! We will now request three professional references. This process takes two to three business days to complete.

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