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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging+ Consulting - Helping Your Business Thrive

District Partnerships & Consulting offers diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging consulting services that bring purpose to your business, ignite commitment in the workforce, and help your business thrive.


We help to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion with your business strategy to build a truly representative organization based on a culture of support and trust. Here are some of the services provided in a phased manner:

DEIB+ Awareness Step :

In this phase, we will work with your leadership team to:

  • Understand the importance of DEI and its components to your work.

  • Understand how the demographics of your organization and constituents play an important role in your implementation.

  • Bring awareness to the differences among your diverse staff and how this affects your DE&I work. 

  • Understand obstacles that may have affected your organization, morale, and retention.

DEIB+ Assessment Step :

Here, we will assess your organization’s capacity to strengthen DEI and your efforts through

  • Reviewing current DEI initiatives.

  • Creating and conducting surveys/listening sessions to get staff input.

  • Identifying key strengths and opportunities for growth within the organization.

  • Reviewing and auditing key organizational policies from a DEI perspective.

DEIB+ Action Plan Step :

Finally, we will create an equity report based on our findings and recommendations for the next steps. This includes

  • Laying the foundation for DEI work going forward. 

  • Coaching the Leadership team on strategy implementation.

  • Regular meetings with your team to evaluate the effectiveness and progress of action items.

  • Creating DEI mission and vision statements.

  • Creating external material around your DEI approach for your constituents and those you serve


3 out of 4 job seekers prefer a diverse workforce while considering job offers. We have a team of personable, collaborative, and experienced professionals passionate about finding solutions to build such a diverse workforce fostering a positive impression about your company.

Onboard Diverse & Inclusive Talent

  • Our team leverages quantifiable metrics that help onboard and retain quality, diverse and inclusive talents that enhance your work culture and add value to your organization’s brand and promote the betterment of society at large.

Activating Equity in the Workforce

  • We help activate equity by inducting human resources irrespective of gender, caste, ethnicity, and geography. Also, we help develop equitable compensation, performance & welfare policies for all.

Lower Attrition & Costs

  • When you outsource your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion processes to our experienced executives, you lower your HR expenses and employee turnover by harnessing & developing diverse talent and retaining them.

Maximize Business Efficiency

  • By outsourcing the DEI initiatives to us, you focus on your core business activities and ensure a motivated and engaged workforce that leads to business efficiency and productivity.


Experience Expert Supervision

  • We have experienced supervision tailored for your business needs to build or grow an inclusive workforce that performs, engages, and retains.

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