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District Partnerships & Consulting

Fulfilling Your Talent Acquisition
Needs Through Strategic Approaches

About our Firm

We are a highly proactive and driven team having in-depth knowledge of the job market, talent pool, and client needs. We help deploy impactful HR strategies and recruitment solutions that deliver.

District Partnerships and Consulting (DPC) is one of the leading global HR and DEI consulting firms. We are a team of experts, conveners and thought leaders who align business and people strategies to create a thriving workplace for employers and employees.

As your go-to talent partners, we help you find the right talent and resources. At DPC, we aim to deliver growth-driven transformation from start to finish by enabling organizations and its people push boundaries through strategic HR & Talent Acquisition solutions.


At DPC, we believe that our consulting services are most successful when we plan and execute together. Your success is our success. All of our consulting implementations are built upon our service values Collaboration, Integrity & Results.


At DPC, we transform business challenges into innovative solutions that build positive staff cultures and enable leaders to invest in the power of their teams in a genuine, strategic and thoughtful manner. 

Partner Testimonials

Stephanie Simpson

Director of HR

Johanathaan Pannell is a leading change agent in Human Resources & Strategic Management with a special area of expertise in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice.  Bringing almost ten years of experience in these areas, he works with Senior Leadership to design and implement strategic plans and support leadership teams to create change in their organization.

Jennifer Jackman

Executive Director

When I met Johnathaan, his passion, and commitment to DE&I was quickly visible. We hired Johnathaan to come in and lead a Strategic Planning session with our Executive Team. He was always very excited about the work, outgoing, and has the talent to get a room full of leaders excited with very few words. It was such a pleasure working with him and look forward to doing so in the future. 

Brenda Young 

Director of Talent

Johnathaan is the change we all wish to see! His enthusiasm and expertise in HR are top of the line. His energy and presentation are stellar. Johnathaan is young and ambitious and is sure to exceed your expectations. Johnathaan and his team understood what we needed and delievered world-class solutions for us that we could have never thought of. We will work with Johnathaan and his team in the future.

Scott Knoer

Executive VP & CEO 

Johnathaan and his team are HR & DEI rockstars! I hired him for DEI and he did so well I had him manage all of my HR. I would work with him again in a heartbeat! He understands that you must have a respectful environment and that employees and management must all be accountable for high performance. Accountability and transparency are key to organizational success.

Grow Your Business Through The Power Of People

Let’s connect to give your business past proven people strategies that drive sustainable growth for your business.

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